Automating the Blog... again

Unsurprisingly, less painful Github actions are wonderful, love the integration, and you can find pretty much everything you need on the marketplace. The workflow is almost the same: Checkout Get Hugo Build with Hugo Rsync you can check out the yaml here Differences I don’t need to keep a Hugo executable in the repo, there is an Action that gets the latest version for me. I can keep the ssh key in a repository secret instead of the janky encrypted file that I used before, there probably was a way with Travis, but nothing quite as simple

Automating the Blog

So today after a long while I finally got around to automating the deploy of the blog. Tough not the way I initially thought. The first idea was to install Hugo on the server and have it periodically pull and rebuild the repository Then I remembered Travis CI. I quickly looked it up, and saw that I was not the first to think up the idea (no big surprise there), so let’s see what we can find.