Global scss in SvelteKit

TL;DR Run: npm i -D nodemon concurrently Add the following npm scripts "dev:full": "concurrently --kill-others \"npm run scss:dev\" \"npm run dev:nodemon\"", "dev:nodemon": "nodemon --exec \"npm run dev\"", "scss": "sass src/scss/:static/style/", "scss:dev": "sass -w src/scss/:static/style/" Add npm run scss && before the build, package, preview and prepare scripts "build": "npm run scss && svelte-kit build", "package": "npm run scss && svelte-kit package", "preview": "npm run scss && svelte-kit preview", "prepare": "npm run scss && svelte-kit sync", The setup So I started a little project (hopefully I will write about it soon) and I tought I would write the frontend in svelte