My Experience With Tracking by $index

If you found this post while trying to optimize your angular templates, I have a cautionary tale for you. This might be just me, but this one hurt. At work we have an AngularJS application. This application has one particular list really long, really complex, really grinds the tablets to a halt. How do you solve that? My first tought was, there is too many watches in there. One-time bind all the things.

xkcd Calendar Fact Generator

So it started with the new xkcd today, I tought “this is easy, I’ll be done in an hour”. Then I went down the rabbit-hole that is customizing Hugo. But first the generator You can check it out here The application itself is rather simple, it is carried by two functions, calling each other. The first, taking an array, and making a string out of all it’s elements function pickOneOfEach (arr) { let result = '' for (let el of arr) { if (Array.